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Mino, skateboards made for Sun Children

A “mino” also written “minot” in french is a kiddy. It is usually used in the south of France, where the sun shines almost every day of the year.

Mino Skateboards is so a brand who provides skateboards, cruisers and clothes for sun children. It has been created in 2021, when Lucas Puig, pro skater for 20 years now and his wife, Astrid, have noticed that they couldn’t find a proper skateboard, meaning technical AND aesthetic, for their 2 years-old son Marcel. 

In between surf/skate sessions and multiples travels, helped by talented craftsmen friends of them, they have created new shapes specially relevants for getting used to ride a cruiser and learn first skateboards tricks. 

Designs are definitely inspired by midcentury modern aesthetic, skateboarding culture in California in the 70’s and Puig’s family beach lifestyle.